Energy Environment & Health Conservation

Energy, Environment & Health Conservation (EEHC) is an international peer-reviewed, open-access, research journal that covers all aspects of conservation of Energy, Environment & Health. It is an initiative by Towards Nature to contribute to the science field. The journal focuses on Energy conservation and management, Pollution Control and monitoring, and sustainable development while environmental chemistry Biology, chemistry, health, and safety cover a major part of the journal. Apart from this EEHC welcomes articles on Human Health Conservation and Social Development

Frequency : Triannual (April, August & December)
Article Processing Charges - Waved off for December’22 & April’23 issue
Article Publishing Timeline - 60 days (From submission to acceptance)
Publication Types: Research Articles, Review Articles, Case Studies, Short Communications and Editorial Articles
Editorial Board
Instructions to authors
Recent Articles
  • 2016101

Kaur_2016101_V1N1-Env : Morphological and biochemical Response of Trigonella foenumgraceum l. to Lead and Nickel Phytoaccumulation

  • 2016102

Paliwal_2016102_V1N1-EnE : Socio-Economic Costs of Traffic Congestion and Fuel Wastage: A Brief Survey

  • 2016103

Ramos_2016103_V1N1-OHS : Safety in Hair Dressing Salon: A Brief Review

  • 2016104

Chauhan_2017104_V1N1-Env : Environmental Standards in Haryana : A Brief Note

  • 2016105

Raghuvanshi_2017105_V1N1-OHS : Noise Level in the Hospital Wards: A Case Study

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