A.1 EEHC – Energy Environment & Health Conservation

 Energy Environment & Health Conservation: An International Journal is a Scientific Awareness initiative of MAPEED, United Kingdom. Considering the state of present Human World, MAPEED with its Global partners took several Initiatives for Natural Resources conservation activities, Sustainable Development, Capacity Development, Scientific Awareness and Climate change reduction. This initiative of scientific awareness to mass through the publication of Journal, newsletters conducting conferences, workshops, focuses on energy solutions & conservation, environment management & conservation, Occupational Health improvements in global communities including Hospital designing and administration.

Energy Environment & Health Conservation: An International Journal is published tri-annually as one of the value added and support to science activity of MAPEED UK, for supporting research, innovation and disseminating scientific awareness to mass, in relevant fields, among researchers around the globe.

EEHC Journal encompass manuscripts in all branches of Environment, Energy, Occupational health and its related sub - disciplines like :

  • Environment Conservation,

  • Sustainable development and policy issues,

  • Environment Biology,

  • Environmental Chemistry,

  • Environment Geo-Sciences,

  • Environment Health, Safety,

  • Environment Quality,

  • Environment Legislations,

  • Statistical, Modeling application for Environment-Energy Interaction,

  • Artificial Intelligence application for Environment-Energy Interaction,

  • Waste Management,

  • Environmental Pollution Monitoring and Controls,

  • Energy Conservation,

  • Climate Change,

  • Energy Conversion & Management,

  • Health & Hospital Management,

  • Living standard Improvement initiatives,

  • Human Health improvement and related subjects,

  • Energy-Environment-Health related subjects.