Manuscript Submission – To Acceptance Procedure

EEHC Journal provides an easy and convenient online submission system i.e., for faster and less time consuming in submission, review and publication. Our Technical reviewers are experts in the field of Energy-Environment-Health Conservation and transparent and independent to make their decision as reviewers.

Notes for Authors [pdf files Authors Guidelines – hyperlink to be attached here]

 EEHC follows 5 step process for Final publication of any manuscript, as follows:

Step 1. Initial Submission accepted> Receipt of Manuscript Email to lead Author by Editorial Team.

Step 2. Editorial Board/ Subject expert Review Manuscript for acceptance, based on Journal Scope of Publication. Decision is Forwarded to Corresponding Authors (Initial Acceptance to initiate Peer review)

Step 3. Manuscript Send to reviewers’ > correspondence with reviewers> Response from reviewer is forwarded to Corresponding Author

Step 4. Time-bound revision by Author> Receipt of Revised Comments by Corresponding Author> Comments accepted by reviewers>

Step 5. Final Approval by Editorial Board> Copyright Transfer by Authors’> Ready to Publish send for Typesetting and Final Online Publication.